Our Roadmap

We are 100% committed to execute our Roadmap. We plan on maintaining 100% transparency at all times and our community is consistently updated on the progress.Our goal to adopt a community first approach. Our main objective is built around how much value can we bring to our community. This is a community driven project and we will be onboarding enthusiastic members from day one. 

Launch Timeline


Launch Initiated

30% of primary mint and 25% of all secondary market royalty will be put in the Congo Token Liquidity. Owning a CongoZombie grants you automatic access to the Congo Token Airdrop.


Congo Token Launch & Airdrop

This will take place shortly after public sale of the NFTs is complete. Congo token will be the native token for our upcoming game, Congo Miners.


Merch & Live Events

This phase will be purely dedicated to the marketing of the Congo Miners game.We shall spare no resources in securing partnerships and promoting the game.


Congo MIners P2E game Launch

This is what we have all been waiting for!!Let's pause for a minute and toast!!!



At this point we will release our Roadmap 2.0 which will focus on Metaverse opportunities as well as Defi.